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Goldmanread help all types of education professionals to secure the best mortgages possible, including those from specialist mortgage providers.

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Mortgage lenders generally consider education professionals to be reliable borrowers, due to the stable nature of the profession. Many offer favourable mortgage rates to teachers and there are government schemes that teachers can benefit from, such as shared ownership and the Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme.

When looking for the best mortgages for teachers, it pays to use the services of a trusted mortgage broker, such as Goldmanread. We can extend our search beyond high street lenders to include specialist lenders who offer incentives for teachers.

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Mortgages for Teachers

Are there special mortgages available to teachers?

Teachers can access a full range of mortgages, be that a fixed rate, or linked to the Bank of England Base Rate. They are eligible for both interest only and repayment mortgages.

As for whether there are special mortgages available for teachers, the answer is not specifically. However, some lenders offer very favourable rates and other incentives to attract teachers. In addition, teachers may take advantage of various government initiatives to help buyers, such as shared ownership and equity loan schemes.

How do I qualify for a teacher mortgage?

Lenders who specialise in mortgages for teachers will often offer attractive interest rates and enhanced mortgage rates. As with all borrowers, lenders will assess a teacher’s affordability on their income, career stage, commitments, deposit level and credit history. Given the nature of the profession, however, lenders look favourably upon teachers, making it somewhat easier for them to get a mortgage.

Qualified teachers who are firmly established in their career may be able to secure a specialist professional mortgage with enhanced income multiples, which makes it that much easier to move up the property ladder or remortgage.

Supply teachers are also eligible for a teachers mortgage deal, as long as they can provide evidence of their career history and income. Even those who have experienced periods of bad credit may be considered by some lenders.

As a trusted mortgage advisor, Goldmanread has the experience and contacts necessary to find lenders to suit your circumstances.

Is it different for newly qualified teachers to get a mortgage?

Many teachers who are starting out on their career will typically be first time buyers looking to get their foot on the property ladder. Newly qualified teachers are still eligible for a mortgage, though they will be treated as any ordinary borrower in that the mortgage available to them will depend on their financial circumstances. In particular, for newly qualified teachers, this tends to include student loan commitments.

The main advantage a newly qualified teacher will have over other applicants is that some lenders will consider enhanced income multiples given their likely career progression.

How does getting a mortgage as a teacher through Goldmanread work?

When formulating our advice we’ll take into account loan fees and the type of rate available, be that a fixed rate or discount mortgage rate. Our service works as follows:

  • An initial appointment to to help understand your requirements.
  • Based on this information we offer a mortgage recommendation. If accepted we arrange an agreement in principle with the specific lender recommended. We offer specific mortgage advice aimed at getting you the most suitable mortgage.
  • Once you find and agree a price on a specific property we will manage the whole process through to completion.

Goldmanread provide advice on every government scheme that teachers are eligible for and pride ourselves on the high quality service we offer.

We have access to mortgage products which you will not find from a high street lender. We can also assist you with arranging insurance to accompany your mortgage, such as income protection or critical illness policies.

FAQs about Teacher Mortgages

Do I qualify if I am a supply teacher?

Yes, a mortgage lender will consider supply teachers as long as they can demonstrate a strong employment history and a regular income.

Do I qualify if I am a teaching assistant?

Yes, teaching assistants qualify for teacher mortgage deals, though they may not be eligible for the same enhanced income multiples available to fully qualified teachers.

Do I qualify if I am on a temporary teaching contract?

Yes, some lenders will consider those teachers on temporary contracts, as long as they can demonstrate a strong employment history and regular income.

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We have a good understanding of the specific needs of those in the teaching profession and are able to help you navigate through the complexities of the mortgage market. As your dedicated mortgage advisor we are able to make mortgage applications on your behalf, saving you precious time.

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