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Through our wide range of connections gained over many years in the Financial Services Industry we can assist you in finding the very best mortgage to suit your individual needs.

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We work around your schedule to help you arrange a mortgage that suits your circumstances, no matter how complex. You can be confident that you’ll be receiving the highest quality advice which will benefit you not just financially, but also to achieve your life plans.

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Why should you choose Goldmanread for your professional mortgage?

Free Initial Consultation

An initial discussion to ascertain your mortgage priorities. We concentrate on finding you the most competitive rate with a lender who is happy to assist at the loan size you require. We offer a comprehensive range of first charge and second charge mortgages and loans from across the market.

2nd charge or secured loan lending are referred to a third party. Neither Goldmanread.co.uk nor PRIMIS are responsible for the service received

Tailored Recommendations

We will come back to you with a full list of recommendations to suit your profession, career stage and financial situation. We set out in writing why we have made our recommendations so that everything is crystal clear from the beginning.

Fee Transparency

We will set out all costs and fees involved in arranging your mortgage and specify at what stage these become payable.

Full Comprehensive Service

We can administer the mortgage through to completion in an efficient and stress-free manner, facilitating the whole process by liaising with all of the parties involved.

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