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Goldmanread specialises in securing mortgages for journalists, broadcasters and editors across the media. Whatever your employment type and income structure, we can help you find a favourable deal to secure your first or next home.

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Welcome to Goldmanread, Mortgage Brokers For Journalists

At Goldmanread, we have over a decade of experience in helping professionals secure mortgages. From reporters to investigative journalists to columnists and freelance feature writers, we help journalists make successful mortgage applications and achieve their goal of home ownership.

Whether you are a salaried, full-time journalist or a freelance, self-employed journalist, Goldmanread can help you secure a competitive mortgage deal to suit your circumstances. You can expect a personal and professional service to help take the stress out of the mortgage process.

As independent brokers, we share your sense of integrity and will act only with your best interests in mind. We are not tied to any particular mortgage lenders and have access to a wide network of both high-street and specialist lenders. That means we can identify the right lenders to ensure you get the best deal available to you.

To help save you time and headspace, we will take care of the mortgage application on your behalf. Our goal is to ensure you are supported throughout the process, from the first enquiry through to the moment you receive your new keys.

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Professional Mortgage Services for Journalists

Can journalists get a mortgage?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve helped many reporters, editors, and broadcasters from across the media to buy a home. The key is finding the right mortgage broker – one who speaks your language (literally and figuratively) and recognises your strengths as a responsible, reliable borrower.

If you are a self-employed journalist, your creditworthiness will likely be assessed differently to an in-house journalist with a fixed income. The advantage of working with an independent broker like Goldmanread is that we have access to specialist lenders with more flexible lending criteria. So, no matter your employment status, we can approach the lenders who are most likely to approve your mortgage application.

Our mortgage services for journalists

According to a major ONS survey in 2019, 81,000 people in the UK were working as journalists in print, online, TV or radio. If you count yourself among that number, Goldmanread can find you the best mortgage deal for your circumstances, whatever your employment structure.

Mortgages for in-house journalists

In-house journalists are generally strong mortgage candidates. Lenders often extend favourable terms to salaried journalists due to the perceived stability and reliability of their employment, their educational background and skills.

As an employed journalist, you will likely have many mortgage options available to you, so which is the right one? The answer depends on your circumstances, career and life goals. At Goldmanread, we make a thorough assessment of each client’s needs before identifying the most suitable products from our large network of lenders.

If you are perhaps relocating for a job at a local or national news organisation, we can help you port your existing mortgage or find a new deal with more favourable terms. Or, if you are a first-time buyer, we can present your options clearly and help you navigate the maze of offers and incentives. Maybe you are a seasoned homeowner looking to remortgage in these uncertain economic times.

Whatever your circumstances, goals or credit history, we’re here to help.

Mortgages for freelance journalists

According to the ONS, there were around 33,000 people in the UK working as freelance journalists, editors and content creators in 2019, which has presumably grown since. If you are a self-employed journalist, you may have what appears to be inconsistent income on paper, which can be a barrier to some mortgage lenders and products.

Considering that journalists are generally educated, self-motivated and organised individuals, it can be very frustrating to be assessed solely on your income pattern. Freelance journalists are often ideal mortgage candidates, which, fortunately, some mortgage lenders recognise.

The key is to find the right mortgage lender. One that is comfortable with self-employment and multiple income streams. One who takes a more nuanced approach to creditworthiness, which is reflected in their risk assessment and underwriting. One that understands that your professional and personal skills are indicative of strong financial responsibility.

Goldmanread has access to hundreds of self-employed mortgage deals, some from specialist lenders that may otherwise be inaccessible. Our knowledge of the market and understanding means we can identify lenders that will consider you more favourably and offer the best chance of success.

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As well as mortgages for Journalists, Goldmanread offers the highest level of service to other professional clients, and pride ourselves on our personal approach.


Why choose Goldmanread for your Journalist mortgage services?

Goldmanread is an experienced and trusted mortgage broker serving clients throughout Essex and beyond. We appreciate the value of good journalists in our society, and we’re dedicated to helping you secure a mortgage.

We have extensive experience in securing mortgages for both salaried and freelance journalists. Whatever your income structure, we can help you find the right lenders and put together a convincing mortgage application for the best chance of success.

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