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how to choose a mortgage broker in essex

How to Choose a Mortgage Broker in Essex

When you want to buy a property at the best deal, you need a well-known residential broker. Who is a broker, by the way? They …

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should i buy an off plan property
Property Investment

Should I Buy an Off-Plan Property?

As a mortgage broker based in Essex, I am often approached by clients who are looking to buy an off plan property and want advice …

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how to spot property fraud
Fraud Awareness

How to spot property finance fraud

Like many things in life if it looks too good to be true it probably is. Thats true of property as it is of any …

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top 10 richest people in essex 2019

Top 10 richest Essex folk (2019)

At Goldman Read we know Essex and the surrounding areas like the palm of our hands. Being based a mortgage broker in Essex, our specialist …

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how do holiday lets mortgages work
Mortgages for holiday letting

Mortgages for Holiday Lets | How do they work?

At Goldman Read, we are often approached by people looking to buy a second home. There are various reasons behind this, some wish to have …

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how do refurbishment loands work goldmanread mortgage broker
Refurbishment mortgages

How do refurbishment mortgages work?

Refurbishment mortgages often known as a refurbishment loan is one of our favourite mortgage products at Goldman Read. Some people have a little difficulty understanding …

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