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leeds building society to restrict lending on holiday lets
Mortgages for holiday letting

Leeds Building Society to restrict lending on Holiday Lets

Leeds Building Society has just announced a suspension of lending on Holiday Let properties in certain locations throughout the UK. Specifically, they have stopped lending ...
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Couple doing a mortgage buyout
Mortgage tips

Can you buy someone out of their house?

Life can be unpredictable, and a joint mortgage is not always sustainable. As a mortgage broker, I’m often approached by clients looking to buy a ...
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Uk mortgage trends in 2024
Mortgage Rates

UK Mortgage Trends in 2024

Will 2024 be a good year to buy or sell a property? Read on for Goldmanread’s helpful guide to the 2024 UK mortgage and housing ...
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Working professionals mortgage rates
Mortgage Rates

Do professionals get better mortgage rates?

As an educated professional, you have worked hard to put yourself on a stable and potentially lucrative career path. This can make getting a mortgage ...
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Can self-employed professionals get a mortgage?
Self-employed Mortgages

Can self-employed professionals get a mortgage?

As a self-employed individual, no doubt your income looks a little different to those in regular employment. This can often cause challenges when it comes ...
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couple reviewing their mortgage options for moving house
Home Mover Mortgages

Can you move house while you have a mortgage?

At Goldmanread, we believe there is no such thing as an obvious question when it comes to mortgages. We’re often asked by homeowners if and ...
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