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Couple reviewing their mortgage term

Are You Able to Extend a Mortgage Term?

As a mortgage professional, I often get asked by clients, “Can I extend my mortgage term?” The simple answer is yes, but as with all ...
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What makes a house uninhabitable to mortgage in the UK?

What makes a house uninhabitable to mortgage in the UK?

The UK has many ageing properties in varying degrees of decline. What some may see as a lost cause, others, particularly property investors, may see ...
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Couple looking to add stamp duty to their mortgage
Stamp Duty

Can you include stamp duty in my mortgage?

The prospect of paying stamp duty costs can be daunting, especially for a first-time buyer. As a mortgage broker, I’m often asked if it’s possible ...
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Couple applying for a joint mortgage with one income

Guide to getting a joint mortgage with only one income

For many couples, owning a home together provides legal, financial and emotional security. But for those relying on a single income, the dream of joint ...
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buying house with a partner using different deposits

Can you buy a house with a partner using different deposit amounts?

Buying property with a partner is undoubtedly an exciting milestone. But what happens if one partner has a larger deposit available than the other? And ...
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pros and cons of hmo property

Is it worth buying an HMO?

Are you a landlord looking to add a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) to your property portfolio? As with all property investments, there are pros ...
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