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Are you wondering if you can get a mortgage as an influencer? The good news is that, yes, it’s possible. If you are an influencer in Essex or beyond, Goldmanread can help you secure a competitive mortgage for your dream home.

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Welcome to Goldmanread, Mortgage Brokers For Influencers

Today’s influencers and content creators can build lucrative careers, whether that’s from advertising revenue, sponsorships or partnerships.

However, being self-employed has its challenges when it comes to getting a mortgage. Mortgage lenders tend to look upon you as higher risk than employed applicants due to your irregular income patterns. However, it is entirely possible to secure a mortgage as an influencer, and you shouldn’t be put off.

At Goldmanread, we know that successful influencers are driven, hard-working and commercially minded individuals and, therefore, make ideal borrowers.

Professional Mortgage Services for Content Creators

Mortgage brokers for influencers and content creators

We are dedicated to providing professional mortgage advice to all kinds of social media influencers, whether they operate as a sole trader or limited company. Whether you are a vlogger, streamer, YouTuber or Instagram star, our team of experts is here to guide you through the mortgage process with personalised advice and support.

As specialist mortgage brokers for the self-employed, we have access to hundreds of different borrowers, including high-street lenders and specialist lenders. When you work with us, you can leverage our extensive industry knowledge to help make the mortgage application process seamless and stress-free.

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Can influencers get mortgages?

To be approved for an influencer mortgage, you must be able to demonstrate a stable income and financial credibility to lenders. Traditional mortgage lenders typically prefer employed, salary-based income, which is why self-employed individuals like influencers can face challenges.

However, there are ways of showcasing financial stability other than the old 9-5. A mortgage adviser like Goldmanread can help you present your income streams in the right way and approach lenders with more appropriate lending criteria. This can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Are there specialist mortgages for influencers?

While there is technically no such thing as ‘influencer mortgages’, there are plenty of lenders out there that are willing to consider self-employed individuals. They just assess mortgage affordability a little differently, so there are a few more hoops to jump through.

Some mortgage providers are more comfortable offering influencer mortgages than others, so it’s important to know which ones to approach. This is why working with a broker like Goldmanread is a good move.

What income streams do mortgage lenders prefer for influencer mortgages?

While influencers may have unconventional income streams compared to employed applicants, mortgage lenders do consider various forms of income generated from your social media platforms.

That includes income from ad revenue, brand partnerships, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, personal appearances and the sales of products or services. The revenue stream itself is not as important as being able to demonstrate a proven trading history and evidence of future and long-term collaborations.

Maintaining consistent financial records can further enhance your mortgage eligibility, so it’s important to get your company accounts in order. Lenders usually require documentation and evidence of your income to establish their stability and consistency.

What documentation do you need to apply for influencer mortgages?

To get a mortgage as an influencer, you are typically required to provide documentation to demonstrate income stability and financial credibility.

While document requirements vary between lenders, you will likely be asked to provide the following during the application process, along with your ID.

  • Tax return documents: Personal and/or business tax returns for the past two to three years are typically required to verify income and assess financial stability.
  • Profit and loss statements: Detailed profit and loss statements are usually required to show revenue, business expenses, and net profit over a specified period, usually two to three years.
  • Bank Statements: Personal and business bank statements, typically covering the past three to six months, are required to verify income deposits, track cash flow, and confirm financial reserves.
  • Client contracts: Copies of client contracts, like sponsorships, can provide reassurance to lenders about your future annual income.
  • Credit history: Lenders will certainly check your credit file during their affordability assessment. A good credit score will help you to be approved and secure more favourable interest rates. It’s easy to check your credit score using one of the three main providers, Experian, Equifax or Transunion.

It’s important to gather all your documentation promptly to help the application go smoothly. A mortgage broker like Goldmanread can help you compile the right paperwork in advance and take care of the mortgage application on your behalf to save you a lot of time and hassle.

Our mortgage services for influencers

At Goldmanread, we understand the unique needs of influencers and can help them secure all sorts of mortgages, including first-time buyers, remortgages, and home mover mortgages. We can even help influencers to secure investment property with a buy-to-let mortgage.

From providing expert mortgage advice and assisting with mortgage applications to negotiating competitive mortgage rates, our dedicated team is committed to helping influencers achieve their homeownership goals.

Mortgages for vloggers

Whether you’re a travel, lifestyle, fashion or food vlogger, we can help you secure a competitive mortgage based on your diverse income streams, including advertising revenue, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales and subscriptions.

Mortgages for streamers

As a streamer, we can help you present your various income streams to improve your chances of mortgage approval. We will assess your unique financial situation and provide personalised advice and support to help you buy your ideal home.

Mortgages for YouTubers

While the channel still attracts enthusiastic hobbyists, professional YouTubers are credible business owners with great earning potential. We can help you identify lenders that recognise the value and potential of your income.

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Why choose Goldmanread for your Influencer mortgage services?

As a social media entrepreneur, working with a mortgage broker can make the route to homeownership less stressful and complicated.

At Goldmanread, we know that self-employed people can face barriers when trying to obtain a mortgage, especially when they work in an emerging sector like the influencer industry. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering our professional advice and exceptional service to influencer clients.

We have access to many high-street lenders and specialist lenders and know which ones to approach to give you the best chance of success. While some mortgage advisers are limited to selling their own products, our motivation is purely to get you the best deal for your circumstances.

Goldmanread can help turn your homeownership dreams into reality – contact us today to get started.

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