10 things to be aware of when buying property near to a Petrol Station

10 things to be aware of when buying a property near a petrol station

Buying property or a house near a petrol station and considering a mortgage?

It’s possible to get a mortgage on a property which is near to a petrol station but there are a few things to be aware of first. We have set out below 10 important factors to consider if you want to buy a property near to or next to a petrol station.

Environmental Risk

A lender, or perhaps more specifically their surveyor will want to consider the potential risk of petrol spill or indeed any other hazardous substances when assessing the value of the property and the impact of these factors on future value. This will tend to be less of a factor for High Street Petrol stations where there may already be strict environmental regulations put in place by local and national authorities.

Fire risk

Is the property at an elevated risk of fire or explosion because of its proximity to the Petrol Station?

Future resale value

Although you may see the property as a good investment will this view be shared when you come to sell the property. Will any potential lender also be put off by this. Their concern may be that if they need to repossess the property there may not be a readily available market given its proximity to the Petrol Station.

Future development

You need to be aware of any likely future development of the land on which the Petrol Station sits. It’s very common these days for so called brownfield sites i.e. those which were formerly used for industrial purposes, to be designated for residential development e.g. New build flats. This is because it’s both easier to get planning permission on a brownfield site and because these type of area’s tend to be within or near to towns and cities, where housing is in shortest supply.

Whilst this type of development may eventually have a positive impact on your property (as the Petrol Station is gone!), there may be an impact whilst building work is ongoing with increased congestion and pollution. Additionally, if you purchased the property originally as a buy to let you may find that there is an increase in competition from new properties build around or near to your flat.

Noise and light pollution

Whether it’s your intention to use the property yourself or rent it out you will face more light and noise pollution if you buy a property near to a petrol station. This will be from vehicles constantly arriving and leaving, light from the retail part and a constant stream of deliveries. This will be even worse if the property is open 24 hours.


Petrol stations are not the most fragrant of places! The smell of petrol, exhaust fumes and other chemical effluent is likely to be off putting to most buyers or tenants. Additionally, there may be health risks associated with this type of pollution as has recently been highlighted by air quality statistics around London.


It may be more difficult to arrange buildings or contents insurance on a house near to a petrol station as insurance companies may be unwilling to offer cover. This may be mainly due to increases fire risks but there may be other environmental factors considered.


If you are looking to buy for investment purposes buying a property near to a petrol station may actually bring with it some advantages. It could be that the price is lower than other similar sized properties which would mean it would generate a healthier rental yield.


Petrol stations tend to be located in more built up areas meaning that properties purchased nearby are located in town centres or locations with good local infrastructure. This will be attractive to tenants or younger first time buyers who want the buzz and convenience of being at the centre of things.

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The information contained within was correct at the time of publication but is subject to change.

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Clive Read

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